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(no subject) [Jul. 18th, 2003|05:11 pm]
lauren anne
ok so will had told me that he was going to go to the fireworks with me tomorrow night, but yea. i guess he's changed his mind and now is going to practice with his band.
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(no subject) [Jul. 18th, 2003|03:55 pm]
lauren anne
[mood |crankycranky]

ok, this is what makes me...annoyed. will is going to s show tonight, and he has yet to ask me if i'd like to go with him.
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(no subject) [Jul. 18th, 2003|09:19 am]
lauren anne
[music |a perfect circle]

will shaved his beard off on sunday. it's safe to say i'm not loving it at all. i've always been a fan of facial hair. even more so on will. it hurts to kiss him now. until it gets soft again there will be no major kissing. i cant even hug him with out getting scratched. very very sad.

kenny goes to camp tomorrow.

i go to work soon.

i think my back is going to fall off.

i wish porn would stop coming onto the computer.

i hope i get to see will today. i miss him.
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(no subject) [Jul. 17th, 2003|09:42 pm]
lauren anne
i hurt my back today playing volly ball.
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(no subject) [Jul. 13th, 2003|09:58 pm]
lauren anne
look at that tan!

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(no subject) [Jul. 12th, 2003|12:38 pm]
lauren anne
[music |anger me by howie day]

01. Full name: lauren anne
02. Birthday: 3.6.82
03. Birth state: new york
04. Birth town: i'm not sure.
05. Nicknames: l, laur
06. Age: 21
07. Sex: female
08. Six words to describe you: short, i'll come back to this one i cant think anymore
09. Weight at birth: 8 something i think
10. Weight now: ha!
11. Time of birth: i dont know?
12. Height: 5'2
13. Eye color: blue-gray
14. Tan/pale/black/mixed: pale
15. Race: caucasian
16. Heritage: irish and some other stuff
17. Hair color: brown
18. Natural hair color: brown
19. Kind of hair: wavy/curly
20. Hair length: i dunno. past my shoulders, but its in layers
21. Shoe size: 7.5
22. Shirt size: depends. mediumish
23. Bra size: 34a. i find this question a little much.
24. Piercings: only my ears these days
25. Tattoos: xxx but not for loong. its going to turn into a nice flower.
26. School: suny dutchess
27. Grade school: beekman elm
28. Class of: 01
29. Sports played now: none
30. Sports played in the past: softball, track, cross counrty
31. Pets: we gave jason and david away

01. Parents names: mom and dad
02. Color hair your mother has: brown
03. Color hair your father has: brown
02. Parent's occupations: errrm
03. Kind of car you have: mazda 626
04. Sibling age/names: kenny and charlie
05. Live with: parents and kenny
06. How many rooms in your house: 12
07. Color theme of your room: room: its white
08. Color of carpet: room: i ahve hard wood floors
09. Room size: i dunno.
10. Bed size: twin
11. Sheet colors: they have flowers on them
12. How many pillows: four
13. Furniture in your room: i have shelving and stuff
14. Kind of computer: dell
15. Money in bank account: i dunno. enough
16. Posters in room: a whole mess

Do you normally (more often than not):
01. Ask or answer questions? answer
02. Bathe in the morning or at night? night
03. Converse or participate in awkward silence? both
04. Talk or listen? listen
05. Dress up or dress down? dress down, but i like to dress up
06. Stay up late or get to bed early? go to bed early
07. Get what you want or get what you deserve? both
08. Get attention or give your attention? give
09. Stand out or blend in? not sure
10. Give a hand or give hand outs? give a hand.
11. Listen to music or watch TV? both
12. Win or lose? lose
13. Plan or follow-through? plan
14. Smile or cry? smile
15. Get up early enough to see the sunrise? no way
16. Use books or Internet for research? both
17. Sing it or hum it? sing it.
18. Style your hair or just whatever? both
19. Call or get called? get called
20. Visit or have people over? visit
21. Eat or skip breakfast? skip
22. Make a meal or go out for one? go out
23. Drive or get driven? i hate to drive
24. Do what you had planned? sometimes
25. Attend or skip class/work? skip sometimes
26. Act like yourself or act appropriately? appropriantely
27. Laugh or get laughed at? laugh
28. Indulge or abstain? both
29. Help others or help yourself? both
30. Eat what's good for you or eat what tastes good? what tastes good
31. Turn it up or just get closer? turn it up
32. Start it or finish it? start it
33. Stay bored or get things done? stay bored
34. Apologize or be stubborn? stubborn for a bit.
35. Tell them you have a crush on them or hope they figure it out? hoep they figure it out.
36. Pay for yourself or get paid for? both.
37. Lean in first or wait for them to make a move? me lean in? i dont think so
38. Get rejected or never ask? never ask
39. Hope it happens or make it happen? hope it happens.
40. Try your hardest or hard enough? hard enough.
41. Work it out or put up with what you got? put up.
42. Talk it through or ignore it as much as you can? ignore it.
43. Know or think? think
44. Trust or suspect? trust

DO YOU. . . ?
01. Pluck your eyebrows?: well i wax them.
02. Ever cut or hurt yourself on purpose?: no
03. Use icq, aol buddy list, etc.?: i little of both
04. Drink enough water?: yes!
05. Wear shoes in the house or take them off?: take them off
06. Eat wheat bread or white?: whole grain please
07. Kiss on the first date?: i wouldnt really know
08. Dream in color or black and white?: color.
09. Have any dimples?: yes
10. Remember being born?: no.
11. Drink alcohol? well...
12. Like high school? it was ok
13. Like sunrises or sunsets the most?: sets
14. Want to live to be 100?: i dunno
15. Think women should be expected to shave their body hair? no, shaving sucks. but i still do it.
16. Like salty food or sugary food the most?: salty
17. Think a flat stomach is important?: id really like to have one
18. Think you are tolerant of other peoples beliefs?: i'm just not tolerant
19. Believe in magic?: no
20. Have nightmares frequently?: no
21. Like your nose?: it's ok
22. Like abstract art?: no way
23. Think you can draw well?: yea
24. Listen to music daily?: hourly
25. Like to wear the same shoes everyday or do you like a variety?: yea. for the most part. i have one pair of snekers i wear, but multiple summer shoes
26. Write poetry?: no
27. Snore when you sleep?: if i have a cold
28. Sleep more on your back, front, or sides?: i got to sleep on my back
29. Think balding men should shave their heads?: no.
30. Know anyone who is clinically depressed?: no
31. Know someone who has cancer?: yes
32. Like fast food joints, or expensive restaurants?: both
33. Have a middle name? what is it?: yes, anne

01. Are You Straight or Gay? straight
02. Ever been kissed? yes.
03. Kissed someone of the same sex? no
04. French kissed? yes.
05. Held hands? yes.
06. Hugged someone? yes.
07. Had sexual fantasies? yes.
08. Had gay/lesbian fantasies? no
09. Have you ever fingered someone? what??
10. Has anyone ever fingered you? jesus
11. Have you ever given oral sex? ahem
12. Have you ever received oral sex? erm
13. Would you give oral sex in a random hook-up? no
14. Spit or swallow? spit
15. What would be ultimate fantasy place to have sex? a bed
16. Have you screwed someone of the opposite sex? hahaha "screwed"
17. Have you screwed someone of the same sex? no
18. Screwed something not of the human race? no
19. Screwed something not alive? no
20. Paid someone for sex? no.
21. Been paid for sex? no.
22. Girls, have you ever been pregnant? no, but i had a dream last night that i was and will was very upset, like thrashing around so i said "well i hope it's not yours" but really i dont sleep around.
23. Guys, your girl ever been pregnant? --
24. Have you ever had sex with a stranger? no
25. If not, do you want to? no
26. Which one are you more afraid of getting, AIDS or pregnant? AIDS.
27. Do you believe in waiting until marriage to have sex? no.
28. Have you ever had a crush on a friend's boy/girlfriend? no.
29. Have you ever done anything with a friend's bf/gf? yes.
30. Do you joke about sex a lot? yes
31. Can you relate anything to sex? yes
32. Is there someone you're longing to be with right now? yes
33. What about masturbating, do you do it? jesus
34. Ever been caught masturbating? ahem
35. Ever been caught doing something sexual with someone? no
36. Ever walked in on your parents having sex? no
37. Does someone's reputation have an effect on your answer if they asked you out? yes

01. Smoked a cigarette: yes
02. Smoked a cigar: no
03. Snorted coke: no
04. Smoked weed: yes
05. Been high: yes
06. Had sex: yes
07. Said "I hope you die" to someone: yes
08. Tried to kill yourself: no
09. Gotten in a fist fight: yes
10. Lied to your parents: yes
11. Broken a bone: no
12. Lied to your friends: yes
13. Bit someone: yes
14. Bungee jumped: no
15. Been skydiving: no
16. Gotten drunk: yes
17. Gotten totally wasted: yes
18. Given someone a bruise: yes
19. Skinny-dipped: yes
20. Driven illegally: yes
21. Ditched someone: no
22. Freak danced: hmmm
23. Shoplifted: no
24. Cut yourself: i gave myself a paper cut last night at work
25. Skipped school: yes!
26. Hung up on someone: yes
27. Gone commando: yes. and i hated it.
28. Thrown up at school: yes
29. Made yourself throw up: yea, only to makie myself feel better though
30. Flashed someone: yes
31. Done anything sexual with/for opposite sex for beads: no
32. Had a burping contest: yes
33. Snuck out: no
34. Been to a school dance: yes
35. Thought your teacher was hot: yes
36. Had an eating disorder: no
37. Been called a slut: yes
38. Had an online relationship: haha
39. Had cyber sex: good lord!
40. Taken nude pictures of yourself: of myself? no.
41. Had surgery: yes
42. Seen a therapist: yes
43. Farted loud and people heard: no
44. Burped louder than a guy: no
45. Done a split: yes
46. Been on a cheerleading team: no
47. Played spin the bottle: yes
48: Grinded: all the time!

01. Do you stuff your bra? haha, no. i have supper padded bras that do the work for me
02. Have you ever stuffed your bra? yes
03. What make-up do you wear daily? yes
04. What are your underwear like right now? they're green
05. How many pairs of shoes do you own? over 20
06. Come on, tell the truth. Is that really your true hair color? yes, well with highlights
07. What do you most like about your body? i dunno
08. And least? oo...a ton of things
09. How many fillings do you have? a bunch
10. Do you think you're good looking? i'm no super model
11. Do other people often tell you that you're good-looking? will does, but he has to because he's my boyfriend
12. Do you look like any celebrities? no
13. Do you like a man with muscles or not? i like a man that looks like he can defend me.
14. Tall or short men? taller then me, but not too tall. but if they're tall, i like them lanky. will wouldn't look goot if he was over six feet. he'd look massive
15. Does your dream guy have long or short hair? i like a man with hair, but not like a whole lot of long hair or anything
16. What's the hair situation 'down there'? jesus.
17. How long is your leg hair? i shaved thursday night for school
18. Ever come close to having sex, but didn't? yes
19. With who? i dont even know his name. he was pretty gross. kate slept with him though.
20. If so, why didn't you? he was grooossss
21. Are your eyebrows a different color from your hair? no
22. Do you pluck your eyebrows? waaaax
23. When did you last have a hickey, and where? i never ever had one
24. Are you on birth control? yes
25. Can you dance? i like to think so
26. Can you lick your nipple? haha no.
27. Do you struggle with self-esteem? yes
38. Do you or have you ever had an eating disorder? no
29. When was your first period? seventh grade
30. If you unexpectedly got pregnant, what would you do? have a baby
31. Future daughters/sons names? not really sure
32. Are you pro-choice? no
33. Do your underwear and bras usually match? no

01. Any good memories from this year? yes
02. Any bad memories from this year? yes
03. Do you regret anything from this year? yes
04. Do you regret anything you've ever done? yes
05. Who was your first boyfriend/girlfriend? jeff in preschool
06. Did you ever had braces? yes, twice
07. What is your best childhood memory? not sure
08. Do you have the same friends you did when you were seven and under? i still talk to mere and tracey
09. What was your favorite childhood toy? i dunno.
10. What was your favorite cartoon when you were four? carebears
11. What was your favorite movie as a child? not sure
12. Did you ever suck your thumb? i dont think so
13. What color hair did you have as a kid? blond for a bit, and then brown
14. What was your first word? don't know.
15. How did your parents name you? my mom was reading a book with a charecter named lauren in it.
16. What does your name mean? ive not a clue

01. Current Music: howie day
02. Current CD in player: nbm at the empress
03. Current conversations: i just got off the phone with my mom
04. Current time: 12:36
05. Current clothes: black yoga type pants and an nbm shirt
06. Current hair: it's back in a bun thing
07. Current taste: nothing
08. Current mood: eh
09. Current smell: nothing
10. Current thing you should be doing: showering, cleaning, getting ready for work
11. Current desktop picture: sunset from florida
12. Current favorite group: not sure
13. Current book: i'm inbetween
14. Current refreshment: water
15. Current worry: not getting the house cleaned
16. Current crush: my bakery boyfriend
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(no subject) [Jul. 11th, 2003|10:44 am]
lauren anne
[music |fata- capside rock]

i just orderd some new tanning loation. some nice helix from california tan. but i did NOT pay 55 bucks for it. no way. only 32, though that stiff is sooo much just for some damn loation. very exciting. i can't wait until it comes.

my celly is currently not working, very not cool.

last night on my way to class is saw the most disgusting thing. when i get off the parkway it's always stop and go on 55 and i'm creeping by the daily planet and what do i see? i dead kitten. i dont like the thought of a dead pet, but it gets more gross. it was all bloody and one of it's eyeballs was popped out and i'm stuck right near it for what seems like forever. and i want to throw up. i'm so disgusted and i want to cry because it is just a kitten. it made my drive very unpleasent.
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(no subject) [Jul. 10th, 2003|03:10 pm]
lauren anne
i dont know if i've voiced my opinion on the movie finding nemo, but i thought it sucked. it was NOT a happt disney movie. i thought i was a little too dark to be a childrens movie.
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(no subject) [Jul. 10th, 2003|02:26 pm]
lauren anne
i have to say puff daddy is a dick. "walk and get me cheesecake" "read this whole book. ok now do it over again."
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(no subject) [Jul. 9th, 2003|11:15 pm]
lauren anne
and i think my mom took every tweezer in this house with her on vaction, and my eyebrows could use some help.
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