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[Sep. 23rd, 2003|08:14 am]
lauren anne
[music |slayer]

i should really be doing my homework thats due in two hours, but no, i dont feel like ir right now. my back feels messy. i think i have a recurring back problem. i was talking to willy on the phone last night, laying in my bed and when i got up. jesus crist. i felt like someone was super hurring me around my lower back. it's better this morning, but still very much there. but nothing like it was three weeks ago.

this past weekend was fab! we left my house around 7 so we didn't get up there until around midnight. we also stopped at walmart to but a movie and get some plastic cups. yay! walmart at 11:30pm up state. it was very dead. we unpacked and kinda just went to bed.

(i'm watching the oxygen net work and there's this really dumb show "i've got a secreat" on. very dumb.)

saturday morning i woke up early and then woke up will. we went up to cananda for the day, got a little lost in montreal and then went to the casino. we had a nice lunch and we both did a little winning and a little losing. i was up by 60 canadian dollars at one point...but then lost a chunk. so i came out 4 us dollars richer, and will lost 11 dollars. he was very upset by this.

when we got back we went out in the cano. that was lots of fun. we paddled all around. then we had dinner and watched our movie. well tried. i fell asleep, woke up and will was asleep.

will and i woke up, had some breakfast and then went out in the cano again. we saw a HUGE catfish so we went and got a fishing pole. we caught no fish though. but i was alot of fun. we were out for about two hours. then we packed the car up and got ready to go. got osme snacks at the mobil. had some lunch at mcdonals and then we were on our way home.

it was a very nice weekend.